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Review: “You Can’t Take it with You”

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by Grace Downey The play “You Can’t Take it with You”  ran from September 17-19 in the UTHS auditorium. The casting was done very well and the students who were fantastic in the roles they played.  Experienced Panther Players Callen Brown and Matthew Gray were especially good in their respective roles.  The level of acting experience […]

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Homecoming week is (once) upon us

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Homecoming 2014 is officially here this coming Monday, September 22,  as an entire week’s worth of events kick off.  The “Once Upon a Homecoming” theme will honor some of everyone’s favorite movies and movie characters, especially those from Disney. Keep up to date all week long with stories here on, and daily photo albums […]

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“You Can’t Take it with You” runs through Friday

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The classic play “You Can’t Take it with You” will be performed by the Panther Players tonight and tomorrow night in the auditorium at United Township High School beginning at 7:00 p.m. After a strong opening night on Wednesday, the cast and crew are primed and ready for two more nights of George S. Kaufman […]

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Marching Panthers take on ALS Ice Bucket challenge in big way

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The UTHS Marching Panthers took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a big way this past week, with the entire band, including director Mr. Dave Maccabee, dumping buckets of ice water over their heads. The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness and funds for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), better known as Lou […]

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Panther Preview features football, cheerleaders, band

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The annual Panther Preview night was held this past Friday, August 22, 2014,  to kick off the official start of the football season.  Getting ready for this week’s away football game in Galesburg, new head coach Jason Kirby brought his teams out to the field in front the crowd at Soule Bowl. Joining the football […]

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Assembly gives props to seniors

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The senior class was given shout-outs at the senior assembly this past Wednesday in the UT auditorium. During third hour, seniors gathered in the auditorium as Mrs. Rosenthal, dean of students,  and Mrs. Ashcraft, head of the special education department, led a number of people in pointing out the accomplishments of the senior class.  From […]

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Top students recognized

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by Jessica Moon The top ten students in each grade level were honored at a ceremony on May 7  in the United Township cafeteria.  Several senior students were also awarded scholarships in the different educational departments at United Township during this ceremony.  This is the 5th annual academic achievement awards ceremony sponsored by the United […]

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May the Farce Be with You starts Tuesday

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by Jessica Moon The Panther Players are proud to present the spring play, May the Farce be with You.  This play “might be considered as being Star Wars meets the Justice League of America and X-Men, also starring Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple,” according to the fliers posted around United Township.  The crazy cast is […]

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Mr. Teen UT contestants featured on Cosmopolitan website

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by Haley Michelle Davidson Four of our UT students were featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s website on April 30, 2014.  Nick Larson, Stephen Golden, Caleb Bernal, and Jordan Landry performed the famous “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from the movie Mean Girls (2004) for the Mr. Teen UT competition’s talent category.  This performance was recorded and put on […]

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New Mr. Teen UT crowned

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by Jessica Moon The annual Mr. Teen UT Pageant was held last Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.  The auditorium was filled with students who were excited to see the handsome senior boys of UT strut their stuff and show off their talents. The boys modeled their swimsuits before classing it up for the formal round. […]

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