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Mr. Pat Green, counselor, leads a tour of UTHS for eighth grade students from Silvis. Eighth graders from all five feeder districts have been visiting UTHS over the past two weeks.

by Nicole Boodhoo

For the past few weeks the incoming class of freshmen was given a glimpse into the panther lifestyle at United Township. Schools including North East Junior High, Glenview Middle School, Colona Middle School, and Hampton Junior High individually brought their eighth graders for the day.

The Counseling Department started the visits with a speech explaining the available classes for the upcoming school year. Each student was given a handbook on the different classes provided and a sheet to write down potential schedule ideas for the 2019-2020 year prior to their visit. With help from the counselors, the eighth graders were able to discuss their schedules for the next year and get answers to any additional concerns they had.

Following the schedule planning, the counselors gave tours of United Township to the eighth graders. They saw the auditorium, the gymnasiums, swimming pool, cafeteria, and temporary administrative offices. Due to the large numbers, the Glenview Middle School eighth graders were given a virtual tour of United Township while in the auditorium.

All of the eighth graders took their school ID pictures on this day as well. These cards will be very important for lunch, checking out books from the library, and more at United Township in their upcoming high school years.

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