Glenview students get a taste of high school band

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Mr. Joe Brown, Glenview band director, leads the junior high band through their contest music in the UTHS band room as high school band director Mr. Mike Wawrzynski listens and watches.  (Photo by Jessica Neal Lang)

by Nicole Boodhoo

During sixth period on Friday, February 9, the Glenview Middle School Symphonic Band had the opportunity to play their contest music with the United Township High School Symphonic Band students. This was an innovative way for high school students to teach middle school students different techniques and musical talents that they may not have been introduced to before.

The band room had over 150 musically talented students that filled every chair and stand. Glenview Middle School will be performing as a band for the Illinois Grade School Music Association Contest on March 9 at Geneseo Middle School. This is one time out of the year for many of the neighboring middle school bands to play challenging music and be judged on their performance. Judging is based off of many musical aspects in their concert such as: tone, articulation, dynamics, and performance etiquette.

United Township’s band director, Mr. Michael Wawrzynski, provided an additional set of ears to Glenview band director Mr. Joe Brown, in preparing the middle school’s contest music. The high school students also introduced the junior high students to new techniques. Mr. Wawrzynski was able to walk the guest students through a regular high school warm-up before playing as well. Although there were many skills that the students had not seen before, the middle school students picked up the new methods very quickly.
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