First band concert of year features world music

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Mr. Mike Wawrzynski directs the Symphonic Band during last Thursday’s concert in the UTHS auditorium. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Minard)

by Nicole Boodhoo

Last Thursday, November 2nd, the United Township Concert and Symphonic Bands performed their Fall Concert. With Mr. Mike Wawrzynski, Director of Bands, conducting both bands there was much to be pleased about after the performance. Not only did Mr. Wawrzynski direct the bands, but Juliet Minard, Assistant Director, was also helping him conduct the Concert Band. All of the amazing pieces that these bands had specially picked were prepared very well for this night. They were all different with tempos and moods, but fall was the main theme within all of the music.

Concert Band which was co-conducted by Mrs. Juliet Minard and Mr. Mike Wawrzynski had four pieces chosen to play. “Fanfare, Ode, and Festival Movements: 1, 2, and 3” composed by Bob Margolis was beautifully played as the opening piece. Following this song was “Korean Folk Rhapsody” which was composed by James Curnow. The theme of this song was related to the Korean Folk Culture portrayed by many woodwind instrument solos. “A Little French Suite Movements: 1, 2, and 3” composed by Pierre La Piante was a very delicate song which had many melodic lines passed around within the woodwind instruments. The last piece that the Concert Band played, “Moscow 1941” composed by Brian Balmages was able to take the listeners back to the early 1900s with many traditionally heard tunes in Moscow.
Symphonic Band, directed by Mike Wawrzynski had four pieces prepared for the Fall Concert as well. The march, “Bullets and Bayonets” composed by John Philip Sousa was wonderfully played with short and accented melodies played throughout the woodwind and brass instruments. “Shenandoah” written by Frank Ticheli was beautifully orchestrated with the brass starting the piece off with a low harmonized tone. “Yiddish Dances Movement: 1- Khosidl” composed by Adam Gorb that was played contained a variety of soloists. One very important part within the piece is the E-flat Clarinet solo. The solo was played very beautifully by Isabel Trulson during the concert. “Sun Dance” written by Frank Ticheli was a great choice to finish the Fall Concert with the many different themes occurring.
According to band member Isaac Almanza, “My favorite piece was ‘Bullets and Bayonets.’ This song contained a very catchy tune. The fast tempo was very fun to play along with. I play the contra-clarinet for Symphonic Band and during Shenandoah I played a solo.”
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