What did students do over break?

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by Nicole Boodhoo and Peyton Pustelnik

The Panthers enjoyed a break from their den from October 2 to October 13. What did they do to fill their time?  We asked…



“During fall break I worked and went to band.” -Kiersten Henderson, grade 12






“I’m played baseball three times a week with one game. I played deck hockey and babysat my little brother. My family and I went to the Ohio Zoo and to the Kentucky Creation Museum.” -Kanon White, Grade 10




“Over break I competed in a Marching Band Invite. At this Invitational Competition our school received second place. Marching Band took up much of my time over break, but in the end it payed off by getting a great rank at our competition.” -Morgan Goodlow, Grade 10






“I will be practicing football and working at my job during break.” -Brian Kindhart, Grade 11




“I enjoyed my time off from school by spending time with my friends.” -Khrystina Reynolds, Grade 9




“While I was on fall intersession I had a bonfire and ate delicious s’mores. I was also able go to Village Inn with the drumline members in our school’s marching band.” -Dionte Jones, Grade 9






“I cleaned and spent some time with families at my church.” -Nanza Li, Grade 10





“Most of my time was spent by preparing for tennis sectionals. I will also worked and spent time with my friends and family.” -Katlynn Hanson, Grade 11





“While on break I worked and spent time outside playing tennis with my team. Also, I visited Northern Illinois University.” -Shika Adhikari, Grade 12




“Over fall intersession I took my PSAT. I also attended marching band practices and competitions.” -Joey Dryoel, Grade 11





“I was able to create nice concept designs and work on creating a video game. During break I started writing a book.” -Anna DaSilva, Grade 11

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