Goodbye 2012-2013 school year!

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The Class of 2013 fulfills their final duty as students of UT--participating in the graduation ceremony.  (Photo by Adriana Aguilera/Stephanie Salazar)

The Class of 2013 fulfills their final duty as students of UT–participating in the graduation ceremony. (Photo by Adriana Aguilera/Stephanie Salazar)

by Adriana Aguilera

It is that time of the year again.  The weather gets warmer, days get longer, skin gets darker and hair gets lighter.  Yes, summertime.  You can almost taste the anticipation on the air for those long summer days as you walk down the hallway of United Township High School. Teachers as well as students are more than ready to have an amazing summer but not without the bittersweet feeling of another school year gone.

To some teachers, it is another year closer to retirement and to students, it is a year closer to freedom   but to everyone, it is a year they won’t forget.  From the chilly football homecoming games to sunny graduation, senior Vanessa Poppe describes the year 2012-2013 as “exciting, stressful and bittersweet”.

Time just seems to fly by right before her eyes and by this upcoming fall, she will be enrolled in Black Hawk College for two year and then transferring to another university to continue her studies in psychology.  What she like the most about this year was finally being “at the top” as many people describe it.  It felt good to know you just have one more year she said.

Sophomore Amber Winters thinks this year was long and stressful.  Many sophomores might share her point of view or completely disagree but this year was memorable nonetheless.  From eccentric dance styles like the Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake to more classical things such as the Annie musical, this year has been a roller coaster ride to many.

We also said goodbye to several teachers.  Though they are gone, their lessons will never be forgotten and they will be remembered not just as teachers, also as friends.  The year 2012-2013 will be remembered by many from homecoming to prom and graduation as the best year of their high school career while for others, maybe it wasn’t their best time but let’s not be pessimistic, there’s always next year.  For now, let’s not stress with the future, reminiscence the past and most importantly, enjoy the present.

(For a full photo gallery of UTHS’s 2013 graduation ceremony, visit the UTHS News Facebook page!)

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