OPINION: Don’t let tragedy lead to bad decisions

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by Mario Peterson

The day after the unbelievably tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that took the lives of 26 innocent people, with 20 young children among those, President Obama spoke to the families to show his respects and condolences as he was trying to fight back tears. A lot of people were trying to fight back their sobbing as the president named the individuals that became casualties. “We’re not doing enough,” the president said during his speech. “And we will have to change.”

But the “enough” the president is referring to must be a well-thought out compromise that will, in fact, result in more people not being exposed to such violence.  But if the president is referring to gun control, then there wouldn’t be a difference in what is to be accomplished, and that is to prevent more innocent people from becoming casualties.  Outlawing firearms would not solve much because criminals and psychotic people are the individuals responsible for the misuse of firearms, therefore they would be used either way.  It’s also a constitutional right we have as American citizens.  It wouldn’t be fair for people that want to use them to go hunting or protect their home from intruders etc.

A large majority of people believe that the best way to prevent something from happening is to take away the object that was responsible for it. That’s like blaming silverware for obesity or something similar to what your mother and father might have done when you were younger.  But this simply isn’t the answer.  Firearms shouldn’t be regulated; the laws should be altered.  And by that, I mean that school personnel and faculty should be equipped and trained to use firearms, so that if next time, a psychotic individual decides to come into a school and harm innocent young children, he/she would be stopped before making the teacher make an inevitable attempt to use them as a human shield.

It’s saddening to think there are cruel, insane people in this world that would do such harm.  But in order to put a stop to events like this happening, it should be well-thought out, and not simply outlawed.

(Opinions expressed in this article are those of the student writer, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the advisor or administration of United Township High School.)

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