OPINION: Obama not the right choice

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By Mario Peterson

A majority of individuals were well aware of the election on Tuesday. It may be due to the excessive amount of political brochures delivered to homes, television commercials that appeared incessantly, or simply watching the results first-hand as the President won the electoral votes from swing states California and Ohio, clearing the way for victory.

Whatever the case may be, we knew that there was an election that took place; a very important one that will undoubtedly affect future generations.  I believe that Americans could have gotten a better future if Romney was elected president.  Slogans and rhetoric are what incumbent President Obama gave the American people during his 2008 victory and what has it gotten us? A deficit that has increased over $5 trillion and an unemployment rate of nearly 8% and a lot more.  That’s the change we got.  And we are ready to get more of it.

As of right now, it is fair to say that the United States is still the leading nation when it comes to opportunity and the pursuit of happiness.  People come from all over the world to the U.S. for freedom and a chance to start a new life. Policies of the current administration may make happiness and new opportunities harder to come by.  Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), for example, has already been signed into law but most of it doesn’t take effect until 2014.   It asserts federal control over health care benefits and financing and establishes a complex one-size-fits-all health system, and will increase taxes on middle class families and businesses.

This is the exact same way socialist European countries run their health care system, and many want to go to the U.S. to avoid this type of health care.  Although health care undoubtedly needs to be reformed, it can’t be reformed this way.  Mitt Romney’s plan would’ve given each state its choice to generate health care plans that meet the standards of every citizen, as opposed to Obama’s plan that would take absolute control of everyone’s health care decision and increase the national debt.

In my opinion, Barack Obama possesses weak virtues of leadership.  Blaming his predecessor for increasing national debt during his own presidency; apologizing to other countries for our necessary actions; telling business owners that they didn’t build their own businesses and that somebody else did that for them and telling the public to “vote for revenge” are unpatriotic things that leaders simply shouldn’t do.  In order for us to maintain our status quo as the country for opportunity, we need a real leader in the White House that knows what he’s doing.  Let’s hope President Obama can give us that these next four years.

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