New student e-mail system in place

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Students use their network logins and passwords to use the updated Google mail and document tools.

The new Google Apps student email is up and running! The changeover from to Google is to streamline the use of Google Docs for students. Students had to use two different services before this change, but now they will be able to have e-mail and use Google Docs within the same service.

Due to this change of service, students will now have to login at a different location to access Google Docs than last year. To help with this change there are  shortcuts on each student’s desktop. One is called “Student Email” and the other is “UTHS Google Docs.”

Students can use these links to login to Google Apps. Once logged into one of the services, they can easily jump between the two with the toolbar at the top of their browsers. Student logins are their network usernames and network passwords. Students will also be able to access the service outside of school by going to the school homepage and going to “Student Webmail” under the “Student” tab.

Students need to remember there are still restrictions on who they can email using this service. They can only send and receive email from each other, UTHS staff, and a few educational services such as,, or Other beneficial services can be added when the need arises.

Mr. Brian Petersen, UTHS Technology Director, said, “Students cannot email mom at work or use this account to sign up for services other than the ones we are not blocking.”  Since this is a new program to both students and teachers, he added, “Professional development for Google Apps will be offered to staff in the next couple of weeks.”  As that happens, teachers will be able to incorporate many of the uses of these new tools in their classrooms.

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