Freshmen orientation breaks the ice

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Freshmen students fill the gym to participate in orientation activities under the direction of Mrs. Drish. (Photo by Ms. Lisa Carroll)

On Wednesday, August 1, 2012, the new freshman class of UTHS was welcomed to the school with a shortened day of activities and orientation.Volunteer Link Crew leaders (uppeclassmen trained to help with the process) led activities in both big and small groups to help the incoming students become a little more comfortable with UTHS.  Some ice-breaking games, a quick run through their schedules, and breakfast served in the cafeteria gave the new students some insight as to what daily life will be like for them in high school.

UT counselor Mrs. Stacey Drish was in charge of this program, as she has been for the past several years.  Although there are many benefits for the program, she thinks the greatest benefit is, “…going through their schedules.  They have the chance to locate their classrooms and meet their teachers so they don’t feel quite so overwhelmed on the first regular school day.”

Two of the small groups interrupt their tour of the school to pose for a picture during the freshman orientation day last week.

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