Opinion: Take Operation Prom lessons seriously

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The author of this article, Alex Meeske, also played the part of the dead girl in Tuesday’s Operation Prom.

by Alex Meeske

To all seniors who attended Operation Prom on Tuesday, I hope you take the message to heart!  For those who don’t know me, I played the dead girl on the hood of the car.  Brandon Cox played the driver, and Erin Walker and Jay Edwards played the passengers in the backseat.  Mrs. Drish, her two daughters, and Mr. Lopez played the family in the other vehicle.  Ariel Beverly and Sam Ricke participated in the ceremony.  Everyone worked very hard to make Operation Prom a success, and we want to thank the policemen, emergency team, and coroner for all their help!  A thank you also needs to be given to all of the guest speakers.

Operation Prom is a scary scenario, and as the guest speakers pointed out, it is something that could happen to each one of us.  Many teens do choose to drink after prom, and while that is not something that teenagers should do, it is even worse when they get behind the wheel.  Drunk driving is never safe; it doesn’t matter how “fine to drive” you think you are.  I want to ask that this weekend, should you choose to drink, that you give your keys to a friend or put them somewhere where you won’t be able to get to them.

Drinking is not the only thing that makes driving dangerous.  It is just as important that you do not text and drive.  This is called “distracted driving,” and can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.  I understand that sometimes, what you are texting seems to be the most important thing.  It never is.  If you must send a text, pull over and stop.  If you think you’ll be safe, at least worry about other cars.  Mrs. Drish’s daughter was acting, but that situation really happens to families because of other distracted drivers.  Texting and driving is not worth it.

Wearing a seatbelt while driving may be the aspect of Operation Prom that hits closest to home for many of us.  Melissa Ledezma was a speaker on Tuesday, and I know many of us cried listening to her story.  We lost Tyler Ledezma because he was not wearing a seatbelt.  Melissa has taken action for seatbelt awareness and many of us do seatbelt checks before we drive away in honor of Tyler’s memory.    I ask that every person make sure that everyone in their car is buckled, so that none of us put our families through what Melissa has gone through. Wearing a seatbelt is not difficult to do, and it really saves lives.

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend.  Please keep Operation Prom in mind as you get behind the wheel, and make smart decisions.  DON’T drink and drive, DON’T text and drive, and BUCKLE UP!

(Opinions of writers are their own, and should not be viewed as reflective of the student staff, advisor, or school district.)

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