Opinion: End awkward Facebook moments

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by Paul Tomkins

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has been a great source for people to reconnect, ask a friend what the homework for Spanish was, and see what other people were doing. Even though they changed the layout and features of the website a lot, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook developers have really struck gold. However, the users of the website have found ways to ruin it for other people like me. Sometimes the ways that people ruin Facebook or Twitter makes me want to just deactivate my accounts and call it a day, but I don’t think I could do that for the time being. Still, people need to read my complaints and, if they are guilty of one of the three, fix their problems!

Find three things wrong with the following sentence: That awkward moment when they’re is someone posting hashtags on Facebook #annoying.

Did you find all three?  Well, I tried to make them very clear. First of all, there is a hashtag. Why would I put a hashtag in a newspaper article, you may ask? Well, people stole it from Twitter so I’m going to steal it from Facebook! I hope everyone is fully aware that the hashtag was designed for Twitter so people could search the topics written in the hashtag to see if anyone else was thinking the same way.  Someone thought it would be brilliant to use it on Facebook so all of a sudden it became a regular thing on Facebook. Those of us that use Twitter find it highly annoying when we log into our Facebook page and see everyone saying things like “Can’t wait until the weekend! #excited” or the even worse “I got an A on my math test! #ImTooCoolForSchool”.

“I despise hashtags on Facebook!” says Katie James, junior, and I agree completely. She doesn’t even have a Facebook anymore (she uses mine on occasion) and she feels the same way! I don’t understand why people felt it was necessary to put hashtags on Facebook. If you liked using hashtags so much, why didn’t you just use Twitter? Facebook survived a long time before people started using hashtags so obviously Facebook is fine without them, so people need to stop using them!

Another thing wrong with the sentence above is “That awkward moment.” I’m fine with reading them when people post awkward moments on Facebook or Twitter, but they have to be awkward! I don’t see why it’s funny to people that someone posts “That awkward moment when I go to school” or “That awkward moment when I do my homework.” Sure it’s relatable, but it’s not awkward, which is the point of posting awkward moments. You are supposed to do your homework and you are supposed to go to school, so that isn’t awkward, it’s more annoying than awkward. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can stop everyone from posting bad awkward moments, but I hope that the amount of bad awkward moments goes down very soon.

The third thing wrong in the sentence above was a little tricky for those who do this, but it was the “they’re” being used wrong. The right one needed was “there.” It can be hard for some people to figure which one is which, but if you are a high school or college student, it shouldn’t be THAT difficult.  The worst offense is when people use “there” instead of “their”. When you are showing someone has possession of something it is not “there”! “There” seems to be the most commonly used one, but if you can’t figure out which “there/they’re/their” to use then you need to step back and learn. I’m not the greatest when it comes to grammar, but I learned this in elementary school and so did you, so get your act together!

As social networks continue to evolve, I hope to see these problems eliminated. I don’t think that using hashtags on Facebook is funny or cute, so they need to stay on Twitter where they belong. Those awkward moments that you post really need to be something that makes the readers think about the awkwardness of that situation and make us glad we didn’t have to deal with that. Using the right “there/they’re/their” can be simple if you go to your grammar book and relearn how to use each one if you really can’t figure out which one to use in certain circumstances. If you do these three things, me and the others that feel the same way will be sincerely grateful.

(Opinions of writers are their own, and should not be viewed as reflective of the student staff, advisor, or school district.)

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