“New” iPad impressive, but not ground-breaking

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By Paul Tomkins

The new iPad. It has a nice ring to it, right? I didn’t think so either. But hey, it’s Apple and they can do whatever they want.

Contrary to popular belief, the new iPad is not called the “iPad 3” or “iPad HD”. It is plainly called “The new iPad”. Most people don’t like the name, but when would the numbering stop? iPad 25? iPad 100? It’s obvious that Apple is going to make new iPads for awhile and these names aren’t appealing, so they had to stop sooner rather than later. Well, Apple’s launch of the new iPad on March 7th was highly publicized. Many rumors circulated before the event about new features, and most people were right.

The first new feature is the amazing new Retina display. If you have an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or the iPod touch with the camera you already see how stunning the Retina display is. They finally brought that display to the new iPad. The display has 4 times more pixels than the iPad 2. I have an iPod touch myself and I must say I can see the difference, and it is nice, but I honestly think they should have included that with the iPad 2, since they had the technology for it then.

The second new feature is the upgraded processor. For all you techies out there, it has a quad-core processor for gaming. If you have a game that runs slow on your iPad 1 or 2, it will be a lot faster on the new iPad. If you are a serious iPad gamer you might want to look into that if you aren’t happy with the game performance on your current iPad.

The third new feature is the new 4G LTE. That basically means that wherever you get a cell phone signal you can get internet access on your iPad. The last two iPads had 3G but the latest and greatest has been released since the last iPad release so 4G is a lot faster. If you get the 4G model then you have to pay a monthly fee for it. Not crazy about that idea? No problem! There is a wi-fi only model of the iPad that you can get instead.

Something that most people having been hoping for is a better camera. If you have an iPad 2 you know that the camera isn’t the greatest, but wait no longer! The back camera is now 5MP, compared to the 0.7MP back camera of the iPad 2. The iPhone 4S has an 8MP camera, so it’s not better than the iPhone, but it’s still a vast improvement. The front camera stays at 0.3MP unfortunately.

Do you like taking videos? Well you’re in luck, there’s an improvement in that department too! The back camera’s video quality is 720p in the iPad 2, but the new iPad has been improved to 1080p quality. Also, there is a new app you can download from Apple called iPhoto, so you can edit your pictures right from your iPad! How handy is that? You can get that app for $4.99 in the App Store.

Are you horrible with typing on a touch screen keyboard? If you are, then worry no more. Apple has added a little microphone on the keyboard. What does it do, you may ask? Well, when you tap it, you tell it what you want to say and it types out what you are saying! So if you are sending someone a message, email, or just want to write a note for yourself and you don’t want to type it out, just tap the microphone button and say what you want to type. If you have the Google app you could already do that, but this is a nice little feature for the new iPad.

Overall, there are plenty of new features for you to explore in the new iPad, but if you are an owner of an iPad 2, there isn’t enough to upgrade in my opinion. If you have the first iPad and you are looking for an upgrade, I think there is enough features for it to be worth looking into. If you are new to iPads and don’t want the new iPad, the iPad 2 is now being sold for $399 for wi-fi only and $529 for 3G included, though you only get the 16GB option.

The new iPad has the former iPad 2 pricing scheme, with $499 being the price of a wi-fi only 16GB model, with prices going up from there which I won’t list as there are so many options. The new iPad isn’t as ground-breaking as people hoped, but it still has some impressing features.

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