Students pay to pie teachers

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In an adventurous fundraiser for Latinos Unidos, several teachers volunteered to be “pied” for the bargain price of $3.00.

In the UTHS cafeteria on Tuesday, February 21, students gathered to have a chance to throw a pie, or at least a pie pan full of whipped cream, at some brave teachers.  It was clear from the ensuing mess that nobody got away clean, as students coughed up the money to raise funds for the cultural awareness group. 

Several students got into the action before it was over and ended up with some extra whipped cream to take home, whether it was in their hair, ears, or better yet, in their bellies.

Teachers Scott King, Jen Mital, Heather Monson, Krista Haas, Sam Gruette, Karla Taylor, Scott Perkins, and Latinos Unidos adviser Jaime Bramer were the good sports who were whipped with some cream in the name of charity.


Mrs. Heather Monson, social studies teacher, is still wearing the leftovers from her "pieing" in the Latinos Unidos fundraiser.

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