OPINION: Say NO to annoying political ads

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by Bryce Verlinden

Everyone knows that when you start seeing commercials featuring political candidates, there is an election coming up. These annoying commercials pop up repeatedly; sometimes every other commercial is one for a presidential candidate. The election is a year away, and yet we see the faces of Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney yelling in our faces why we should vote for them.

They are dirty, in the sense that they trash talk their opponent, sometimes even bringing up their families.   Those were the only commercials many people saw for a good length of time in the Quad Cities. Many people said it was one of the worst elections in recent U.S. history. Even in other states, people were calling each other filthy people, witches, and other names that would be censored if I wrote them in the school newspaper.

There are many people that agree with me on this as well. Junior Irene Mekus says, “Political commercials, most of the time, are just bashing someone else.  Plus, they are overdramatic and they are trying to scare people. I don’t think they’re useful.” Ms. Mekus also said that we do not get to see what the candidates’ views are and instead see how much they can bash the other candidate(s) in thirty seconds.

This is very true. Last year, when I took Journalism with Mr. Golby, I remember having a class discussion on this particular issue. It popped up when there was an article in The Dispatch about how Congress was trying to pass a law that would make political commercials the same audio level as regular television programming, instead of the loud, annoying voice that would come up that talked about how good and/or bad an opponent was.

This I agreed with because these political commercials annoy me. I do not want to listen to the voiceover scream at me about how Herman Cain’s tax plan is going to fail or why Ron Paul is the best candidate around. I’d rather watch a commercial that features the Snuggie or when the next season of Jersey Shore starts. Now, if the commercials were not so annoying and not bashing their opponents repeatedly, then maybe I’d take interest in them.

Even though I cannot vote yet, I still am interested in who will be running the country when I get out of high school. If the candidate wants to only talk about how other candidates are stupid and idiotic, then maybe they aren’t the best person to hold any political office. Sometimes candidates are truly stupid *cough* Sarah Palin & George W. Bush *cough*, but the commercials should not feature how stupid they are or how terrible of a person they are. A dirty campaign shouldn’t win anyone an election. I’d rather have someone who runs a clean campaign and who actually shows interests in the people, make the laws of the United States. These types of candidates usually have a higher success rate in elections.

Political commercials are one of the most annoying things on this planet. If they could just go away, I do not think anyone would miss them. Some people may say that it aids candidates by getting their names around. Well, when people are watching a video of that candidate calling other candidates scum and devils, I don’t believe that aids a candidate in any way, shape, or form.

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